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Lead In Water

The main source of lead contamination is caused by lead supply lines, plumbing fixtures and soldered joints that contain lead. The water lines run from city water pipes directly into homes by entering through basement floors. Even if the visible portion of the water-supply piping coming into the home is copper, it is not a guarantee that the home has copper piping all the way to the street. In many cases, the water piping has been replaced out to the curb stop (typically located near the curb), but not all the way out to the city trunk, which might be located across the street.

The first indicator that you may have lead piping is the presence of something called a “wiped joint,” which is a swollen ball of lead that can be located at junctions between lead piping and other types of piping.



The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies and regulates contaminants in drinking water. The Agency sets regulatory limits and monitors the amounts of certain contaminants such as the amount of lead in public water systems. Contaminant standards are outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the EPA works with states, tribes, and many other partners to implement the SDWA.

Properties that have a water well will be subject to water tests as a part of any home-loan process.  Have Sigman test your drinking water. Knowing you have safe water will truly give you peace of mind.