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Sewer Scope

A sewer scope is a simple inspection that can ensure you avoid that terrible day when your sewer system fails; causing smells, damage and ultimately a massive repair bill.

A sewer scope is an inspection of a homes’ interior sewer lines out to the mainline street connection. A septic tank inspection is crucial to the purchase of any residence and a routine probe every two to three years is recommended — and often required. Regardless of the system you have, a sewer survey is one of the most important steps when purchasing a home that is older than 20 years.

Over time, many things can happen underground to the sewer lines without you knowing. Common examples include tree root invasion, pipe breakage, pipe erosion, a collapsed pipe and blocked mains — all of which can be seen during a sewer scope.

Roots from nearby trees and landscape shrubs can creep into tiny cracks and openings in the sewer line and begin to expand. Beyond the cracks, the roots can create “traps” for debris traveling down the sewer line, creating backups and clogs. Ultimately, the roots will cause breakage in the lines leading to leaks and line failure.

A sewer scope and septic tank inspections are simple. Sigman Inspection Services will start by inserting a long cable-camera with a light on the end down your drain and all the way through your pipes to the city sewer connection. The inspection is recorded and you and Sigman can review the footage numerous times to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Ultimately, spending $125 is a small price to pay to know your sewer is in good working order. No one wants to host a housewarming party with their sewer system backing up.